Praise Todd Howard

2022.01.25 14:50 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.25 14:50 ProofTiny4741 ¿Alguien tiene boletas para el concierto de Dua Lipa en Bogotá?

Hola, un amigo y yo estamos buscando boletas para el concierto de Dua de este año porque no pudimos comprarlas en el momento de la venta. Así que si alguien sabe de dónde las están revendiendo o si conocen a alguien que ya no puede ir les agradezco el dato.
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2022.01.25 14:50 assagitaz Zeitmaler - Spatial Offset [Parquet Recordings]

Publisher: Parquet Recordings
Out Date: 2021-12-31
Quality: MP3 20.47 Mb / AIFF 90.14 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Zeitmaler - Spatial Offset / (Key Am, BPM 125, Length 8:31)​
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2022.01.25 14:50 FortbYTe_YouTube Got declined for the YouTube partner program again. Any tips? [Question]

1 month ago…I applied for monetization and got rejected for reused content. However my content is not reuse and it is all original, so I made an appeal. That ended up getting declined because they said it didn’t include enough info about my filming and editing process.
2 days ago… I applied again. Today… declined. Reused content. Now I am planning my appeal. I’m planning to show a lot more examples about my filming and editing process but if afraid that even if I do that they will still decline if for another dumb reason.
Does anybody have any tips on how u can get through this appeal and get them to accept?
Also if you are wondering what my channel is, it’s FortbYTe. Blue profile picture with Fortnite videos.
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2022.01.25 14:50 Yularen2077 Leaders of the Kazan Military Okrug (as of 0.3 'The Motherland Calls')

When Lavrentiy Beria took power in 1946, he conducted a number of purges against his political opponents, causing leading politicians and Red Army personnel to rebel and flee east and set up a rival government.
There was still opposition to his rule in the rest of the Red Army but he could not outright purge them. Instead, they were exiled posted to newly created Military Okrugs (Districts). To the south east went Andrey Vlasov to the Kazakh M.O. to pacify and reintegrate the Kazakhstan region. To the south west went Ivan Konev to the Kazan M.O. to fight German backed, and Tatar insurgents. From Kazan, Konev watches as Beria sullies the good name of Socialism, and plans vengeance not just against Beria but the West as well, who Konev holds responsible for betraying the Soviet Union to the Germans.
In the Kazan M.K. there are two faction seeking political control, and currently co-exist thanks only to the existence of the insurgencies:

Starting Situation
Konev’s mission is to eradicate two insurgent groups in his M.O., the Tatars and the German backed VSOU (Armed Forces for the Liberation of the Urals). VSOU was established in 1945 as an umbrella organization of all non-Russian collaborationists in the south. Both groups can not be wiped out at the same time and the government must choose which to focus on. From the focus tree, choosing:
Processing img ysk1z4bwcvd81...
The national spirit of the group not focused on will be removed once the focus ‘The Union … Under the Army’ has been completed.
War with Perm
Around the end of 1952 / early 1953 the Perm Soviet Government will move to end the Kazan M.O.. This can playout in two ways; submitting to annexation (Game Over) or denying the request which will lead to war.
If war breaks out between Perm and Kazan, Konev will have 100 days to take the city of Perm. If he does not, a General will lead a coup against Konev, kill him, and surrender to Perm and the M.K. will be annexed. If Konev is able to take Perm, the Perm Soviet Government will get a heavy debuff, and the Kazakh M.O. will invade Perm as well as a counter-balance to Kazan and start a three-way Soviet Civil War.
When the Civil War is over and Kazan stands victorious, the fight over its political future will begin. If the current strategy was maintained, the Ultravisionaries will maintain dominance and Konev will stay as leader. If instead the policies were aggregated, the Ultravanguardists will have slowly gained support and by the time of a victory over Perm they will be able to replace Konev with Stalin.
Konev Maintains Power Konev Stays
Once Konev’s rule is maintained, his tree, and a unification tree will load, and Konev will proclaim Kazan the Soviet Reclamation Government. The unification tree must be completed first, and is shared with Stalin. Once all the Russia warlords have been brought to heel, the Soviet Union will be proclaimed whole once again.
Konev, through the new Central Committee, will appoint a civilian leader, President Vasily Andrianov, to be the new face of the government to give at least a façade of civilian control.
He will also create a faction, the World Socialist Alliance.
Anti-Soviet Patriot Front
An opposition organization, the Anti-Soviet Patriot Front, will form in a Konev led Soviet Union, whose goal is the overthrow of the government. What the members of the Front do not know is that it was actually set up and funded by the government. After supplying the Front with arms and men, the Front will strike and rise up in four, random rural states of the Union.
Operation Pavlov v. Orchid
Part of Konev’s tree involves funding a scientific project, Pavlov, or Orchid. Orchid deals with chemical warfare, and will give a boost to air superiority, and a 100% research bonus for Chemicals. Pavlov is part of a secret unorthodox research unit, the Special Guards Unit of Human Research. One project the Unit conducts involves a subject with supposed telekinesis: Nina Kulagina. There is a 1% chance her powers are in fact true, and will give two 100% research bonuses for Biological, and a boost to research and special forces defense. More likely though (at 99%), her powers are fake, but will still give a 100% research bonus for Biological, and a boost to artillery attack.
Stalin Takes Control The Crown Prince is back
Once Vasily Stalin is able to usurp the leadership of the M.O., his tree, and a unification tree will load, and Stalin will proclaim Kazan the Kuybyshev Military Government. The unification tree must be completed first, and is shared with Konev. Once all the Russia warlords have been brought to heel, the Soviet Union will be proclaimed whole once again.
Though the Ultravanguardists have taken, they are not a unified group and have two main camps inside it. Stalin will need to ally with one of them to successfully govern:
Though not immediately known, this choice of ally has political repercussions a bit later on. After taking ‘Vasily’s Solution,’ the path available depends on which camp was allied:
German Republics in Kazakhstan
Stalin takes a more benevolent approach to the Germans than other leaders might. He will give the Germans a chance to peacefully learn the Soviet ways but creating two Republics (in-game as puppets) in the area of Kazakhstan, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Aralsk, and the Liberated German Socialist Republic. The latter is led by Stalin’s brother Yakov Dzhugashvili (Dzhugashvili being their father’s birth name). Dzhugashvili can be replaced by a German-led government if Stalin decides so (on the flip side he can just keep military oversight).
If Riga is owned when the two Republics are created, it will get the designation of a Special Maritime City, with boosts to dockyards and naval bases.
After the liberation of German controlled lands, Stalin can deport Ost-Deutsch to the new Republics. 5000 settlers will be deported to one of the two, but not all will survive the trip; anywhere from 3,300 to 4,800 will make it.
As always, if anything looks wrong or you think should be clarified, kindly let me know so I can change it. Also, tell me what you think, too much information, too little, images too cluttered? etc...
Next up will be the Soviet Union, which I'm really excited for. It won't come as quick as these last couple; so far I've got all the election paths down pat but there is a lot of content.
Thank you!
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2022.01.25 14:50 gmd321123 Druddigon first 10.///// 6878 0021 1684

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2022.01.25 14:50 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.25 14:50 TemptedIntoSin Hikaru Shida's best outfit in her AEW career imo (Double Or Nothing 2019)

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2022.01.25 14:50 JMMFIRE Fitting a Triumph 800 in a tiny shed

I’m looking to get a Tiger in the next couple of months. My only issue here is my storage situation for bikes requires me to keep them in a 7’x8’ Rubbermaid shed. I’m worried that the space I have won’t be able to accommodate the Tiger’s 87” (7.25’) length.
I have about 82” of length to play with in this shed. I wanted to know if having the bike at full lock will help me get to that 82” goal. It’d be a real bummer to not get the bike I want because of my sub par storage situation.
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2022.01.25 14:50 Blackscure 6k shards?

Where are the promised shards? I definitely played more than one match as bubba before the mask removal.
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2022.01.25 14:50 i_know_4_chords Curled Mittens

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2022.01.25 14:50 Imaorange410 'Not Tonight 2' launches on Steam February 11th

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2022.01.25 14:50 remvs98 Van Hanegem rouwt om dood Jansen: 'Een van de beste spelers van Nederland'

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2022.01.25 14:50 Terminator_of_sand Scrap Hydro Hauler - Workshop link in comments

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2022.01.25 14:50 AR_MR_XR CORNING augmented reality solutions

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2022.01.25 14:50 RaymerGames 1 Man 4 Component Mines (Component Mine Meta & You)

I just wanted to make a public logi PSA, because I feel people are teaching people perhaps the wrong way to think about Component Mines.
If you didn't know, currently, you can one-man an entire hex of Comp Mines in a figure-8 with full 100% efficiency:
One Man, Four Comp Mines (The Setup): Get two Fuel Trucks, fill each with petrol.
Position Fuel Truck A to go between half the comp-mines, position fuel truck B to go between the other two. Squadlock & normal Lock these. Get One flatbed / 4 resource container and ensure there is a container at each mine. ( A crane being available at each will make pull times quicker, but does not affect overall efficiency.)
One Man, Four Comp Mines (How To): Truck A: Fuel the two mines, drive back to the mid-point to Truck B. Truck B: Fuel the other two mines, drive back to the mid-point for Truck A. Leave B at mid-point for the rotation. Truck A: Back to the original two, now you can start taking comps out of mine 1, 2 into containers. At first, prioritize filling one, after your first rotation of containers you can fill as many as you have at a mine without care. (If you have cranes, remember you can DROP R containers ONTO comp mines like refineries, etc. YOU DO NOT NEED A HAULER OR TO HAND-BALM w/ cranes!)
Take the filled container to the refinery, take flatbed to mines 3, 4, and repeat back to the refinery.
Now you go back to the mid-point and get in Truck B. Refuel the mines, go back to step 1.
REPEAT UNTIL PETROL IS GONE. (100 petrol = 60000 Comps produced.)
Bounce between them, looking to fill a single container you haul between in the rotation and always return to the refinery even if it isn't 5k worth entirely to keep the rotation and pace.
You are now successfully a one-man, now handling the entire comp mine production in the entire hex at 100% efficiency.
Component Economy: So why am I saying this? Your thinking "Why does this matter?" Because. It's the only actual way to produce more Components than what is in the fields.
In all technicalities, this is a one-man job and if done this way with two, (Someone to "Lock Down" the comps produced at the opposite end of the circuit of you.) could potentially be very "We have all the Comps." (Actually, nobody can get any singularly without active organization/griefing to obtain some from these mines at that point.) (Yes, you will have salty people complain about this, they simply do not understand or are going at the mats with self-benefit only on their mind, instead of ever arguing, they should be simply going to the other hex and doing this because simply put, PEOPLE DON'T DO THIS and each faction loses literally hundreds of thousands of potential comps every single day.)
The only way in the game to produce more components is to ensure every comp mine has petrol at every single conceivable second and for them to be producing 24/7. This is true for both factions and has been true even before we had 4 in a single hex. (Petrol = 3x the produced material for the same amount of "cooking" time.)
Component Mines should not be viewed and taught as an "Afk" or "Alt" Job -- they are not designed to be a less activity-intensive means of components, but a required means to actually produce more components actively. (They are the ONLY other way than fields. And should be viewed as such.)
Comp Mines are NOT SECONDARY means for Comps. They should be viewed as the MAIN MEANS to CONSTANTLY produce them. They are simply plants that require basic watering and tending. The plant food is a bitch to obtain, but it's the ONLY WAY to get ahead and over-budget the economy books.
With basic organization and understanding of this, you potentially only need a handful of people dedicated to the game to actually really impact the overall rmat economy. I've been doing this every day all day long and recruiting as many individuals as I can and telling as many people as I possibly can.
There isn't an actual need for anyone but one man to fully saturate a hex and the maximum comps that can be made AND harvest them. (debates about trust and etc set aside, if a mine has no petrol, a man should be there with petrol and has the capacity to do everything required for all 4.)
I ain't saying it isn't AFKable, I'm saying every second a comp mine has no petrol is a literal loss of comps per second for the entire faction in the mid-late wars and it's the single most important means of gaining comps mid-late war when all the people who don't do logi all of asudden get the itch to do it now they have harvesters.
Instead of sitting at a mine, you COULD of split your petrol up into 2 and just did ALL the mines. You aren't actually being efficient other than the lack of activity required, you can absolutely in the same time it takes to mine 1 or 2 to just do everything if you spend 30 minutes setting it up.
(1 mine = 25% efficiency of time, 2 = 50% 3= 75% 4 = 100% hex efficiency. Actually, with math and certain hexes if you look in Logiware, you can calculate a half-pass in a second hex and have 4.5/5 mines of production covered. But 4 in one should be the defacto goal.)
It doesn't matter if X comes by and takes some of the materials, they shouldn't even be wasting their time driving if a man is doing the circuit (But people don't know this and don't recognize a figure 8 circuit.)
The overall production you are doing by committing to this is so obscene that you won't care about people taking some, even if they start taking it by the container full. Your que, WILL fill in 2 days regardless. (Then you need to go to OTHER refineries you will have SO many comps.)
This isn't about pulling mats for "Your Regiment" this is about producing more components overall. (Although I highly suggest focusing the refineries next to your MPF's/running completed mats specifically to those ports/storages to incentivize an overall reduction in rmats used via discount.)
Personal all rmats and ensure they go to individuals working MPF ques to ensure maximum efficiencies, or simply do the work and balance the books:

What mattered was you understood this, and the petrol keeps getting burned and the potential comps in the hex aren't at a loss. Every second they run on diesel, comp efficiency drops by 75%. Every second a mine isn't running at all, efficiency drops to -300%. Every second this doesn't happen. the comps don't get born.

It's been this way the entire time. It's not difficult, if anything, it's better than click-lock in the fields because it requires some thought and activity. This exact logic applies to Oil Wells, Scrap Mines. Oil Wells obviously being the co-knowledge to make this a constant activity.
And that was Component Mine Meta & You. Spread the word, explain oil and petrol to people. Let them know they don't need to AFK.
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2022.01.25 14:50 pantherBlitzz Is Tinder a scam for most people?

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2022.01.25 14:50 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.25 14:50 Spinkick9000 Renee Young Gives Bully Ray/Jon Moxley Update | Top NXT Names Backstage At WWE Raw

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2022.01.25 14:50 BrendonHD discord_irl

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2022.01.25 14:50 Chefgoldbloominonion First spaceship attempts, still WIP

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2022.01.25 14:50 Fruitopia07 Druddigon 6960 2922 7521

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2022.01.25 14:50 craneycrow The most painful ways to die (according to science)

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2022.01.25 14:50 Hekinsieden FFXIV has enough slices!

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