The Heritage of the Half-Orcs

Provided to YouTube by Kakao EntertainmentTHE THE (THE THE) · Rocket PunchBLUE PUNCH℗ 2020 Woollim Entertainment,under license to Kakao M Corp.Released on: 2... THE THE is, and always has been, Matt Johnson. Though his creative life was nurtured under the sodium glare of Londonʼs street lamps in the late 70ʼs and early 80ʼs, reacting to punk and fighting against the trite Thatcherite pop of the early MTV era, thereʼs a vast scope within the material. His genre is all his own. The The is an English musical and multimedia group with singer/songwriter Matt Johnson being the only constant band member. The group has no permanent group line-up, and Johnson has collaborated with a wide range of musicians, changing personnel from project to project. THE THE COMEBACK SPECIAL, FIRST CONCERTS IN 16 YEARS. Finally, having last played live as part of David Bowie’s Meltdown at London’s South Bank in 2002,THE THE have announced four dates in June 2018: a headline show at the Heartland Festival in Denmark followed by concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Brixton Academy and Troxy. The The. The The is the guise of Matt Johnson, a mercurial singer/songwriter whose music has run the gamut from new wave and post-punk to dance-pop and country. Emerging in 1979, The The found commercial success in the 1980s with the albums Soul Mining, Infected, and Mind Bomb, which skillfully fused melodic synth pop with heady, socio ... MUSCLE FILM RELEASE. Posted on December 7, 2020. December 7, 2020. The brand new Muscle soundtrack is released December 12th. It is now available for pre-order exclusively from our website shop. It will […] Giant The The. From 29 people. The Beat (en) Generation The The. From 28 people. Slow Train To Dawn The The. From 14 people. Sweet Bird of Truth The The. From 18 people. Slow Emotion Replay The The. The The - This Is The Day (Official Audio)Listen on Spotify - on Apple Music - Music video by The The performing Infected. (C) 1986 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.#TheThe #Infected #Vevo #Alternative #Indie #OfficialMusicVideo The official YouTube® Channel for British Multimedia group THE THE

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Alpha: Air
Beta: Fire
Gamma: Earth
Delta: Water
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2022.01.25 13:07 Residentartist0 For the record: I am not a Bible scholar, and have no formal training in any way.

In fact, I am a High School dropout and have never taken a college course or any theology classes. I’ve never read a ‘Commentary’ on any Scripture, I can’t read Hebrew, Greek or any language other than English.

I say all that to say this: If you glean anything from what I'm about to say you need to know it is from the Living God. Not me. The confidence I have in His word comes from Him. The faith that I have in His ability to transform and redeem lives comes from Him and from personal experience. The knowledge I have of the Living God (the God of the Bible) comes from knowing Him and His inspired word, and my understanding of it comes from the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. I do not proclaim to know all that there is to know about the Lord, but what I do know I am grateful to have the opportunity to share with you. The Lord gave me LIFE when I was living in the deepest darkness…with no hope…or a future… and I am here because I was not alone in that darkness and I want YOU to know the God that saves. [If you don’t already] . And If you do, then I pray you will join me in my quest to bring God’s glorious light into the darkness that is consuming our world. Not for my sake…but for the sake of those who are still lost. Join me in crying, “Come to the cross of Jesus! He is MIGHTY TO SAVE!”

You need to know that there is irrefutable evidence that God’s word was written by One who knows the end from the beginning, so don’t believe the lie that all believers in Him have a ‘blind’ faith that is based on ‘feelings’, and nothing more. Many of us came to Christ with blind faith [with little to no knowledge of God], but if we’re growing in our relationship with Him and the knowledge of His word we will grow into a mature Christian that cannot be swayed by false teachers, mockers, or staunch unbelievers, for how can we deny one we KNOW? And how can we not defend the One who has redeemed us, transformed us, and given us eternal life?

I am not still following Christ with blind faith…but am, rather, walking towards heaven with my eyes wide open…confident in the God I serve……………and I just want to make my Heavenly Father proud.

The word of God says that we have all sinned. All of us. And sins penalty is death. The good news of the Bible is that God loves us so much He didn’t want us to have to pay the penalty for our sins so He paid the penalty for us! He literally died for us…so we wouldn’t have to! And because he’s God he rose from the dead to prove that He was who He told everyone He was…and, [His word tells us] to prove that He was successful in doing what He came to do. To pay the penalty of our sin in full.

So does that mean that everyone gets to go to heaven now? No. Everyone could….but everyone won’t. Because not everyone is grateful that Jesus died for them. And some people don’t even feel guilty for their sin. They like sinning. And for that reason they will reject Jesus. Some people just don’t believe in Jesus. Some are so crazy they don’t even believe He ever even existed, even though there’s irrefutable evidence and proof that He did. And others think they’re pretty good people…and think they can earn their way to heaven because of that goodness. The problem is they’re comparing themselves to other people. People who are worse than them of course. And we don’t get to go to heaven because we’re “better than our neighbors.” No sin can enter heaven. None. Period. And bottom line is only those who have repented of their sins…asked Jesus to forgive them for their sins…believed that He died for their sins…and asked Him to save them…will go to heaven. God made heaven. It belongs to Him. And He is the One who gets to decide who can go there, and who can’t. He has made a way for all of us to be able to go to heaven…but many people are so arrogant they think they can do it “there way” and still get there. :( They’re wrong.

To repent means to not only admit you have sinned…but to be truly sorry in your heart for sinning as well. [Not sorry because you got caught…but sorry that you ever did it…there’s a big difference.] Repentance is the key ingredient to salvation that many people overlook. They think they can just pray a prayer…like it’s magic or something…and be saved. But that is not the case. Repentance is a requirement because God only forgives those who are sincerely sorry for what they have done. Just saying “I’m sorry” is not good enough…it’s all about what’s in our hearts.

Think of it this way. Do you have any siblings? Or cousins? Or someone in your life that’s done something to hurt you…that then had your mom or dad or someone tell them to apologize to you for what they did? And then they looked at you and said, “Sorry,” in such a way that it was obvious they were not sorry and were only saying “sorry” because someone in authority over them was making them do it? That is the opposite of “repentance.” It’s only words. It meant nothing because they didn’t mean it and they wouldn’t have even said it if they hadn’t been made to. Now, if you can tell the difference between when someone is truly sorry, and when they’re just saying “words” how much more can God…who knows everything! Our every thought! Our every deed! If we’re not truly sorry…we will not be forgiven. But, if we are truly sorry…and we ask Him to forgive us…He will do it! Immediately. And when we do that…and we believe that He paid the penalty for that sin…and all of our sin…and ask Him to save us…He will do it. Immediately. It’s all about what’s in our heart. Being sincere.

And, if you don’t know Jesus yet, then today you can ask Him to forgive you for your sins…[but only if you mean it]…and you can repent of them…tell Him you don’t want to keep sinning and you need His help to change…and put your faith in what Jesus did for you on the cross…paying your sin debt in full. The choice is yours, the Lord has given you a free will…and He loves you so very much. But He will never force you to love Him in return.

We are, right now, very late in the Biblical “end days”…and the return of Christ for his church prior to the start of the tribulation that will follow is “at the door,” so I hope you’ll consider what God’s word has to say about the days we’re living in and those that are soon coming, because although people can still place their faith in Christ after the rapture they will then lose their lives as a result of their newfound faith as the Antichrist will have no tolerance for those who choose Christ over him. Only 1/3 of those who enter the tribulation will still be alive at the end of those 7 years. The horror of it is, quite simply, incomprehensible. :( If you don’t yet know Christ…please…please don’t wait. Today is the day of salvation. Jesus desires for all to be saved…for none to perish, and we know from His word that is why He has tarried in these end days before coming! But…He will come…soon…because He is the God of His word…and if He said it…He must bring it to pass.

If you’re interested in knowing what’s going on I can tell you with 100% certainty what is happening in our world. Why it’s happening. And what’s coming next.

You see, 2000 years ago [and more] we were told by Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Matthew, Luke, John, Paul, and Peter among others [inspired by God], what would happen in “our” generation! The “end day” generation…

Why our generation? Because…for reasons only God knows…He himself predetermined that He would fulfill His “end day” prophecies during our lifetime. And so, as He inspired those who loved and served Him to write His word He gave us precise signs and “prophecies” that would be fulfilled in our generation, so that, we would “know that He is God.” In fact, the word of God prophesied a great many details about the days we’re living in. More than most even realize!

One of the most important keys to interpreting Bible prophecy is to remember that it revolves around God…Israel…and Israel’s Messiah…Jesus Christ. I see many making the mistake of trying to “interpret the prophecies” by the “signs”, rather than “interpreting the signs” by the “prophecies”. I didn’t really think about that until I responded to a comment I received from a man who believes we are already in the “tribulation” prophesied in Revelation 6–18. He is making that exact mistake which is terribly heartbreaking. He’s seeing “signs” and then is looking for “prophecies” to match them. In doing so he is misinterpreting Bible prophecy. And, as a result, [in his own words], he’s living in daily torment as he sincerely believes many have been deceived and have unwittingly received the “mark of the beast”, [which seals the eternal fate—to hell— of those who receive it] from Revelation 13 [which has not yet been implemented]. I don’t know if he is telling individuals that they now have no chance of being saved, [referring to those in some countries, who are already using a monetary system that involves them being “scanned” in some way, with a chip in their body, but the implications are horrific if he is!] Telling people that they are now condemned to hell, when in fact they are NOT… and telling them they have received a “mark” that isn’t even yet the “mark” of Revelation 13 is…well…just unimaginable. :(

When we misinterpret one Scripture it usually snowballs into others as well, and the result can be devastating in our lives…and the lives of those we influence! :( Although the signs of the times are all around us, the “current” signs are all “pre-tribulation” signs pointing to a specific timeframe that will be unmistakable when it begins. Signs that are screaming…”Look up! Your redemption is near!” [For those who know Christ.] And, “Repent, Jesus is coming!” [For those who don’t know Christ yet.] :(

The book of Revelation is casting a long dark shadow over our world right now, but the prophecies of that book have not yet started. When they do people will KNOW it. The tribulation has a starting point that many don’t realize. And it’s not found in the book of Revelation. Yes, there are 4 “horsemen” who are “sent out” in Revelation 6…early in the “tribulation”, but, as I mentioned many are already misinterpreting current events as matching up with those “apocalyptic” prophecies, and they have NOT yet started their fulfillment, because the “trigger” event for the beginning of the tribulation, or “70th week of Daniel” has not yet occurred.

What we must do is look at the “prophecies”, and then wait and watch for them to be fulfilled. The “tribulation”, as it is called by most who know anything about Bible prophecy is a very specific “timeframe”. That timeframe is not revealed fully in Revelation. We know it “ends” with the Second Coming of Christ prophesied in Revelation 19, but Revelation doesn’t give us a telling, specific, clearly identifiable “event” that “starts” the “tribulation.” To find that “trigger” we have to go backward in God’s word…to the Old Testament…and the book of Daniel. And there we find the “reason” for the judgments/prophecies in Revelation…and the “trigger” that starts them. Again, it’s all about Israel and God and Messiah. And with the Daniel prophecy added to the Revelation 19 prophecy we’re given “bookend prophecies” that contain…within them…all the prophecies from Revelation 6–19 and more. Not knowing that “left end” bookend causes a lot of confusion…and a lot of misinterpretation of Scripture. :( First…the “reason” for the soon coming 7 years of judgment. Found in Daniel 9:24.

Daniel 9:24: “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy.”

That verse gives us the “reason” for the judgments prophesied in the book of Revelation. The “Seventy ‘sevens’” is 70 sets of 7 year periods for a total of 490 years. We know from verses 25 and 26 that “sixty-two ‘sevens’ and “seven ‘sevens’” have already been fulfilled for a total of “sixty-nine ‘sevens’”, or 69 sets of “7 year periods” for a total of 483 years of the 490 fulfilled. The study of that, and prophetic fulfillment of those timeframes is pretty involved, and is far more than anyone could post on here, but if you want to do a deeper study on it I would recommend the book, “The Book of Daniel” by Clarence Larkin. It’s a little over my head, as I’m not the “scholarly” type, but it’s thorough for sure!

The break down of Daniel 9:25–26, among other things, actually gives us the timing of the first coming of Christ, up to His violent death [the crucifixion] and the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 A.D. around 40 years later . The prophetic word is a phenomenal gift the Lord has given us, as He reveals to His children what He is going to do…before He does it…so we can be fully prepared…and prepare others.

This prophecy was given over 500 years before the birth of Christ. The parenthesis will actually give the “dates” that each part of the verse is referring to. By calculating this “prophecy” the religious leaders during the days of Jesus could have been 100% certain Christ was the Messiah, or “Anointed One” Scripture had told them of. But, as Jesus told them in Matthew 16:2: “When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.” What “signs” were they missing? Well, nearly 200 Messianic verses from the OT that told them exactly what to watch for. One of which, as I mentioned, actually gave them the date for the fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9: Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem! See, your King comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.

Daniel 9:25- “Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem [we find this in Nehemiah Ch. 2…March 5, 444 B.C.] until the Anointed One, [Messiah] the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ [It was 7X7 yrs (or 49 yrs.) for the city to be rebuilt and then another 62X7 yrs. (or 434 yrs, keeping in mind the Jewish calendar is 360 day years) til Messiah would come.) So, from March 5, 444 B.C. we’re told 483 years will pass before Messiah comes. What date does that take us to? Adding 173,880 days to March 5,444 B.C. takes us to March 30 A.D. 33. The exact day Christ rode into Jerusalem on the donkey as the prophecy in Zechariah foretold. A few days prior to His crucifixion. Now you may not find that to be phenomenal. But, I do! And moving on to Daniel 9:26 we see: After the sixty-two ‘sevens’, the Anointed One will be cut-off [which according to Strong’s concordance refers to a “violent death”] and will have nothing. Violent death? Yep…that pretty much covers it. :( The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. [This is referencing the destruction of the city and temple in 70 AD by the Romans some 37 yrs. later.] So, at the end of this portion of Scripture, 69 of the 70 weeks are fulfilled.

All we have left then is the final week. The “70th of the ’70 weeks’”. 69 were fulfilled prior to the death and resurrection of Christ. One is left. The final 7 years of God’s 490 years of “decreed” prophecies/judgments for Israel as recorded in Daniel 9:24. So, again, when Christ was crucified, [cut off—in v.26a] the first 69 ‘7 yr periods’ decreed were completed. Remember this prophecy is specifically for the Jewish people. No one else. Not the church. Not the world. The Jewish people only. Daniel is told these 490 years are decreed for “his people.”

So, at the completion of the ‘69th 7-yr period’ Israel had rejected her Messiah…and the Lord’s “focus” on the Jews turned to the “church.” The Biblical “church age” began…and those who repented of their sins and placed their faith in Israel’s Messiah [Jew and Gentile alike…have been saved, as God has not “rejected” his people, but they have only been “blinded” for a time because of the hardness of their hearts and their rejection of Jesus].

[Please note: I am NOT saying that God has “rejected” Israel as is purported in some heretical teachings. God’s covenant with Israel, through Abraham, is an “everlasting” covenant. Period. They are and always have been His chosen people…since the book of Genesis, and His focus will turn fully towards them once again in the very near future. It would be good for those who think God rejected His people after they rejected Christ as Messiah, to remember that even now, we are in the prophetic “end days” because of fulfilled prophecies that involve Israel. Specifically their resurrection as a nation, foretold in Ezekiel 36 and 37 and more, which started the “end day” generational clock ticking.]

Because the 490 year “decreed” timeclock stopped 3 days prior to the crucifixion of Messiah…with 7 years remaining to be fulfilled…those last 7 years have been waiting…and waiting…for their fulfillment as well. And now, nearly 2,000 yrs. later, the “70th week of Daniel” is “at the door.” We find a short description of that final week in Daniel 9:27: He [the Antichrist] will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

This verse tells us what “starts” the final “decreed” 7-year period from the prophecy in Daniel 24. So, while most know the “right bookend” prophecy for the tribulation, the Second Coming of Christ from Revelation 19, we find here that “left bookend” prophecy I mentioned earlier that triggers the start of the tribulation. A 7-yr “covenant” that the Antichrist confirms with many. The “confirms” verbiage here speaks of his “strengthening” or “improving on” a covenant that is already in place. Perhaps the
Abraham Accords? I don’t know, but I believe this ‘covenant’ will fall at the end of the soon coming Ezekiel 38/39 war when Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya and Sudan come against Israel. We do know this: Israel’s ability to rebuild their temple will be a part of this long-awaited prophetic covenant.

Jesus said in John 5:43- “I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.”

In short, this “someone” that Jesus warned us of is the “he” that will “confirm the 7-yr covenant” from Daniel 9:27. And as the decreed final 7-yr period starts with the swipe of a pen, and the signing of a covenant between Israel and “many” we find the Jewish people at the “center” of prophecy once again. And the final 7-yrs from Daniel 9:24 begins. Having rejected their Messiah 2,000 yrs earlier, we will find them “receiving” one who comes in his own name [on his own behalf rather than on God’s behalf]. The Biblical “Antichrist, Lawless One or Beast” as he is referred to throughout Scripture.

This great deceiver [a man indwelt and empowered by Satan himself], will convince the Jewish people he is their long-awaited Messiah…and for the first 3.5 years of his “covenant”, even as prophetic judgments from Revelation are beginning to fall upon the earth, they’ll think he’s the greatest thing that ever happened to them as he makes it possible for them to rebuild their temple and reimplement their Old Testament sacrificial system. They have been waiting for this moment…and they are ready. All that they need…they have. Everything but the piece of land the temple will be rebuilt on. The Antichrist will provide this with the covenant. When the pen of the Antichrist hits that paper these things happen.

  1. The identity of the Antichrist is revealed. He has pen in hand.

  1. The tribulation or 70th week of Daniel begins. [They are one and the same 7-yr period.]

  1. The identity of the rider of the white horse in Revelation 6 is now known, as the Antichrist rides out as a conqueror bent on conquest, as the first seal judgment is opened.

  1. Those who are paying attention, and who have some Biblical knowledge at that time can count 2,520 days forward and pinpoint the exact day of the Second Coming of Christ for the battle of Armageddon.

  1. They can also count forward 1,260 days and know the exact day the Antichrist will waltz into the newly rebuilt temple and proclaim to be God. Those who are aware of this prophetic event…that are Jewish…can get a head start on “fleeing into the mountains”, as they are instructed to do in Matthew 24:15–16.

So, now, with the signing of the 7-yr “covenant,” putting the Jews at the forefront of prophecy again…and their final 7 years of decreed prophecies/judgments beginning their fulfillment the world will find itself in the pages of the book of Revelation. Most refer to this “70th week of Daniel” as the “tribulation”. And if you’ve ever read the book of Revelation then you know why. Of those who enter that final 7 years of Daniel’s decreed 490 years, only 1/3 will still be alive at the end of it. During the first 3.5 yrs. alone 1/4 of the earth’s population will die from war, famine, wild beasts, and pestilence. It’s going to get worse. Much, much worse.

But, praise God, there will be those who will escape this coming time of judgment. They will be removed from the earth prior to the start of that coming Ezekiel war and the covenant that ends it. We’re running out of time…and God’s prophecies [nearly 1/3 of His inspired word] will all be fulfilled. Many within, I believe, the next 7 to 8 years as we are currently 72 yrs. into the prophetic “end days.” I pray you’ll consider what God’s word has to say about what we are going through now…and what is just around the corner. There is much, much more to it than just this, but the study of “end day” prophecies involves most of Scripture…and it is impossible to share it all here.
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2022.01.25 13:07 Luvadees I help the dead solve their own murders, these are my stories. (pt2)

Hey guys, It's Theodore again, back with an update starting off where my last post ended, as I said, I'm on a job currently. Originally I wasn't meant to be back so soon, but after the feedback I received from my last post, as well as the current predicament I find myself in, I thought it wise to keep myself occupied as I sit here waiting in my motel room. To start off with, id like to tell y'all how I receive jobs from the government, and the different types of jobs I receive. I'll receive a text on my work phone when they have a job for me, these texts consist of simply a few words, each word standing for the type of job this is as well as the pay involved. I'll start with the job types, "NU" stands for "non urgent" meaning I can choose whether I want to accept or not, If I want to accept a job or not, Ill send back a message reading simply the letter A (Accepted) or U (Unaccepted). These jobs typically consist of shooing away non dangerous cryptids such as the more passive species of Fae, maybe a small gnome problem. In other cases, it's a low risk extermination job, such as burning a nest of dogroaches (Yes, dog cockroach hybrids) or a tribe of goblins attempting to settle the area.
The next type of job would be "MI" jobs, MI stands for Moderate Importance, meaning low risk, but it still could be dangerous. These jobs are typically given when an individual dangerous cryptid or a small group are settling in an area, tending to be cryptids that breed or create more of their own, such as wendigo's, rakes, mothmen, and vampires. These jobs tend to be tricky, but usually pay well, hence why I accept them the most. The final job type, are "U" jobs, standing for "urgent", these are the most dangerous types of jobs, without the option to deny or accept, they're jobs you are specifically accepted for based on your skillset, ability and resources. These jobs are typically when a large group of cryptids are settling an area, when a town/village is assaulted by dangerous cryptids, when a government experiment escapes, or when the absolute most dangerous absolutely batshit cryptids are loose out in the wild. These cryptids can either be those previously stated, or a more recent problem, a cryptid type called "Hells Angels". Named after the well known motorcycle club, they tend to be big, burly, bearded and unnaturally strong creatures akin to demons, sporting horns, dark skin, black eyes and blackened wings.
Since they only became a problem recently, we know little to nothing about hells angels except what they're here for, how they enter our world, and the threat and risk they propose to our society as a whole. They're here for one thing, and one thing only, to exterminate the human race, in the paranormal community its been speculated that the ones we've dealt with up until this point are simply scouts, sent here to assess the situation and threat posed to them by humanity should they launch a full scale assault. As for how they enter our world, they use a rift, or a portal if you will, a doorway between worlds typically manifesting in an unpopulated, secluded area such as forests, abandoned buildings and caves. I've only ever had a run in with one hells angel, and it was a challenge to defeat him to say the least. Luckily we now have machines built which can detect when and where a rift is opening, texts are sent and usually a team of detached agents such as myself are sent out to handle it, due to the fact that any common agent wouldn't stand a chance against a hells angel.
Anyways, back to it, the amount of pay is simply displayed by numbers, 1 meaning low pay, typically for NU jobs, 2 meaning moderate pay, tending to be for MI jobs, and 3 which is for U jobs. I receive these texts on my work phone which I check hourly, if I accept a job, or if its a U job, I then proceed to head out to my PO box, inside of which ill discover all of the necessary files and documents on the specific job I'm required to complete. I will then head to my lockup, grab the necessary equipment for completing the job, such as guns, my flamethrower, a crossbow, sword etc or more obscure equipment, such as those used to handle cryptids which conventional means tend to be useless against. Upon completion, I will then send a text reading "CPR" (Completed, payment required) and will then be wired my payment from an unknown source.
They say every story, even fiction has an aspect of truth to it. Whether its inspired by theories, such as faster than light travel in sci-fi, or based on actual true events or urban legends, there is always an aspect of truth. Especially in the thousands of creepypastas I've seen on this website, have you ever wondered why this is? why they are so popular? why you cant seem to escape these stories of various cryptids, or supernatural entities? It's because its real. Its all real, its believed by many, myself included that you are being drip fed these details, these depictions of paranormal creatures beyond your comprehension. And you go to sleep at night, telling yourself "Hey its only fiction, they wont get me" But is it? and wont it? the reason for all of this is because these creatures are not only present in our world, but they are abundant. Should you come across one of them, whether it be a wendigo or a gnome, its preferred that you have some idea on how to deal with these creatures.
This is why I believe my posts here haven't been taken down yet, why the government continues to allow these words to appear on your screen. You're probably cuddled up in bed on your phone reading this right now, or at your computer desk, you believe this is merely a story, a tale spun by an avid fiction writer, but is it? you are being drip fed, you are learning about the supernatural without the blanket of ignorance being lifted, this is what they want. Whether there is a creature, lurking outside your bedroom window waiting for you to fall asleep or not, I hope you enjoy my stories regardless.
Anyways, on to the series of events that have taken place over the last 24 hours, I am in shit. The reason why you are getting an update so quickly, is because there is something lurking in the forest outside of my motel as I write this. I have no internet so it may be a few hours before I'm able to post, if at all. I do not know if I'm going to survive tonight, but if you're seeing this, it means at the very least I was able to live a couple of extra hours. The story starts where it left off, yesterday after finishing my previous post, I looked at my work phone, I had received a text from my employer reading "MI2", moderate importance, moderate pay. I sent a text back reading "A", Accepted, I grab the keys to my pickup and head towards the door, planning on picking up some breakfast along the way to my PO box.
As I drove, I reflected on my previous post, thinking about what id post next, maybe a guide on how to survive the paranormal? places to avoid? accounts on different cryptids you've likely never heard of before? or should I simply post stories to keep it interesting, hope you would pick something up along the way. Deciding to do both, I started picturing the layout, and format of my next post. What I settled on is what you previously saw, and what you'll see in future posts. Maybe ill make a few posts focusing on specific topics, but they will be mostly stories. After pulling into the diner and taking my breakfast to go, I proceeded to my PO box, stepping out of my car and beginning to walk to my PO box, I felt a shiver run down my spine, my senses of intuition kicking in. Looking back, that should have been my first red flag, but I didn't take much notice as this wasn't the first time this had happened, it just meant this job would be more challenging than I currently believe it will be. Boy was that an understatement, reaching my PO box and opening it, I see the file containing the details of my next job, picking it up, and taking it back to my vehicle, I decided to sit for a while, eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee, and opening up the file.
Inside were 4 documents containing necessary info on the specific cryptid I would be hunting, things I would need to bring with me for the hunt, precautions I would need to take, and a few photographs of the cryptid. The photographs are what gained my attention first, it was quite large in proportion to the oak trees surrounding it, walking on its pale, bony front and hind legs, not a single hair on its entire body. Its eyes were a shade of black I had never seen before, it wasn't just the absence of light, it was as if the light around its face itself was being sucked into those gaping chasms as if they were black holes. Even in the photograph, the ink seemed to shimmer and distort, obscuring the rest of its features, all I could make out were those cold, black eyes. placing the photographs on the seat beside me, I began to read the files, in big bold words at the top of the page, "NAME: ANIMUS" it read. "Huh" I muttered to myself, animus is Latin for "Mind" which is a suitable name considering these creatures were famous for distorting your perception of things, they had a telepathic ability which far rivalled even my own. Commonly mistaken for shapeshifters, these creatures will make you see what they want you to see, even in photographs, while their ability did have less effect, any common man would simply see a person, a dog, or whatever the creature willed you to see.
An animus' ability works through its eyes, the moment you look into them in person, your individuality will cease to be, you will be completely at this creatures will, quite a useful ability considering they feed exclusively on humans, needing to feed a large amount before reproducing, the only way for a normal person to identify them, is from their fingernails. they are completely black. Easily mistaken for nail polish though, this is why these creatures tend to take the form of a young woman. They're made even more dangerous by the fact that they possess near humanlike intelligence, despite looking more akin to an animal than a human, you would expect them to be stupid, you would be sorely mistaken. The reason why this job is listed as moderate importance for me, is because it there was only one of them, it had taken up residence in a small motel off a highway a few miles away from me, in the middle of a large forest, a common dwelling of these creatures, considering their pale skin, they were quite vulnerable to sunlight. As for why it had taken up residence at a motel, it was likely to trick weary travellers into buying a room, and devouring them in their sleep, their favourite time to strike.
Being a detached, and considering my own telepathic abilities, I am partially immune to these creatures memetic effects, and abilities. Although they can alter my perception, and essentially shapeshift, they cannot control my actions, I can look into their eyes without being completely taken over, hence why it appeared in its natural form within the photograph to me. Now despite their bony arms and legs, their skinny frame and exposed ribcage, their skin was akin to diamond, meaning it cannot be punctured by conventional means. The only way to kill this beast would be to burn away its skin using a UV light, and puncturing its heart with silver. Reading all I needed to know, I slipped the documents and photographs back into the file, placing it in my pack, and heading to my lockup to retrieve the necessary equipment, and form my strategy.
Upon arriving at and entering my lockup, I look over my gun rack, seeing my assorted selection of weapons, some of them anomalous themselves. After carefully considering which gun I would take with me on this mission, I decide to take my SV Dragunov, a powerful sniper rifle with a few minor alterations id made, fixing a high power UV flashlight to it and retrieving some silver armour piercing rounds from my ammunition station, I wondered if maybe this was overkill, after all, this was the first animus id ever faced, but its better to be safe than sorry. Proceeding to grab my M16, also loaded with silver armour piercing rounds, I decided to grab two silver daggers as well as a nail bomb, also containing silver. after placing my daggers on my belt, my guns and bomb in my pack, I walk over to the table In the centre of the room, grabbing a half empty bottle of whiskey and taking a swig, I considered my options, what would my strategy be? after around 30 minutes of drinking and brainstorming, thinking over previous jobs of a similar nature, I landed on the idea of acting as bait.
I would head to the motel, head to the front desk acting oblivious to the creatures true nature, and buy a room. I knew there would be no other guests because at this point, authorities had already sealed off the road, this wouldn't work to my advantage, deciding to call a fellow agent embedded in the FBI, I requested that he loan me a few agents for the evening. The reason for this would be so that I could avoid the Animus being suspicious of me being the only guest for the evening, they would sleep in the rooms furthest from the front desk, while I slept in the one closest, assuring it would come to me first. These agents would be given a brief description of the cryptid we were dealing with, and be advised not to look directly into its eyes, lest they be under its complete control. The agents would be advised to stay out of it unless I desperately needed the help, but under strict orders not to engage the creature head on, simply providing cover fire for me should I fuck up, allowing me to regain the upper hand. I would lay in my bed with my m16 stashed under the covers facing the wall, and wait for the creature to enter my room, the common man would not hear it entering, since these creatures are incredibly stealthy, but with my enhanced hearing I knew I would. So upon it entering, I would jump up with my gun in hand, switch on the flashlight burning away its skin, and fire as many rounds as I could, straight into the beasts heart.
Now I know what you may be wondering, "Why not just walk into the front building and just shoot it?" Well, not only would it see this coming from a mile away, a man entering the building with an m16 in hand, but it would be able to immediately duck for cover, I needed it out in the open, in the middle of my room, and I needed to catch it by surprise. Since it has the ability to cause humans to fall into a deep slumber, an ability which luckily doesn't work on the detached, it would be expecting me to be deep in slumber. With everything prepared, and my plan fully fleshed out, I set off in my pickup towards the direction of the motel. It was a few hours trip, in which time I listened to narrations of creepypastas from this subreddit, stories from other agents, and while some of the cryptids these guys have fought without struggle, I've gotta say I wouldn't mind some of you guys at my back in a sticky situation. I could sure use a few of you here right now.
Upon arriving at the motel, I saw that my team had already arrived, an assortment of vehicles parked out front, it really just looked like a normal motel on a normal day, yet there was nothing normal about it. Yet again, a shiver ran down my spine, that same warning sign that something would go wrong, and again, I shrugged it off as jitters, after all this was my first time doing battle with an animus. Parking my pickup into a space right by the room I planned on taking, I entered the front building, swinging the door open as nonchalantly as I could, I forced a yelp back down my throat. It was as if I could feel it in the air, I could sense what it was just by being in its vicinity, while I believed this would help me later on, it still gave me goosebumps. Looking over at the front desk, I saw it, looking almost exactly like a young woman in her 20s, a rural girl, with a few noticeable differences, her nails were pure black, her brown eyes, seeming a little too dark, and an unnaturally wide toothy grin spread across her face. "Welcome to Dark oak motel! my names Mandy, how can I help you today?" she said, with a sweet voice no different to human female. This just freaked me out even further, but I kept my composure. "Yeah, hi, I'm looking for a room to spend the night. Preferably the one right outside my car there? I've got a bad back and it just makes it easier to move my bags to and from my room" I said, rubbing my back for effect. "Why sure sir! that would be room 14" she said peering over my shoulder at the placement of my vehicle, "That'll be 40 dollars for one night, how would you like to pay for this?" she said in a polite and charming voice "With cash please" I said retrieving my wallet.
After paying, she led me to my room and made sure I was all situated and then handed me the key. After she'd went back to her spot in the front building, I walked out to my car and retrieved my pack, heading back into my room and placing my weapons in their necessary spots. I decided that tonight I would sleep with my belt on, the daggers strapped to my sides accompanied by a UV flashlight, but concealed by the blanket in case I needed to get up close and personal. my M16 placed beside the bed, closest to the wall for later, when I needed to lift it into bed with me, after setting everything up, I eye up the whiskey bottle I had placed on the bedside counter, considering a drink for a second, but deciding against it as I needed to keep my wits about me. Heading out into the day, I see that by now the sun was nearing the horizon, and deciding on a dinner of snack machine foods, I head over with my wallet In hand, passing by one of my team members on my way to the snack machine, giving him a subtle nod as I passed, I decide on a bag of lays and a can of coke to be my dinner. Heading back to my room and eating my small dinner, I decide to call it a night, get some rest considering id need it. As I lay there, clutching my m16 close to my body, I felt a rush of anxiety build up in my chest, feeling that same chill down my spine id already experienced several times that day, I sigh to myself. This will be a very long night indeed.
After waiting for a few hours, watching as the light slowly disappeared from the wall, until it was almost complete darkness, only illuminated by the street lamps outside, I decide to focus on my enhanced hearing, listening. I could hear the members of my team settling down, a few tossing and turning, others brushing their teeth, one on the phone with his wife, but after a few hours, when they'd all settled, and id long since heard any noise come from the main building, that same feeling of anxiety built up in my chest again. What if something were to go wrong? however unlikely that may be, why hadn't I fleshed out a backup plan? I heard my team tossing and turning, unusual considering the animus is said to put people into a deep and still sleep once they had passed out, then I heard it. The door slowly opening, readying myself waiting to hear a footstep enter my room, so I could whip out my gun and nail the fucker, it rings out in my mind, as I jump up, switching on my flashlight and shooting the creature right in the chest, I see a look of fear and shock as the creature topples over, its long and bony body spread out across the floor, I allow myself a moment of victory, looking up at the ceiling and cheering.
Hearing a still humanlike moaning coming from the floor, I look down, and my blood runs cold. I see one of my team, one of my agents laying there, blood pooling underneath him as he takes his last breaths. Left speechless, I just stand there in a trance. Had I just murdered one of my team members? no, this had to be the animus playing tricks on me, maybe taking the form of one of my agents after it had been shot for help and sympathy, but that wouldn't explain how it hadn't changed back upon dying? then I heard a shrill shriek from the night outside followed with distorted laughter. Heading out there with my rifle at the ready, I head to the next room over from me where an agent is stationed, attempting to knock on the door I'm shocked as it opens by my touch, inside I see a pool of blood, but no body. Heading over to all of the other rooms, I see the same scene. The animus had slaughtered every single one of my agents and taken their bodies to feast on them. "You fucking bastard!" I yelled out into the night, I was met with only that same shrill laughter, that was when I realised what had happened, the agent I had shot had looked into the creatures eyes earlier that evening, he was under that things control.
He had likely told the creature everything he knew of the plan, the creature then hatching a plan of its own. Killing all of my agents, and augmenting my perception to see the agent under its control to my door, having me kill him as part of some sick fucking joke, it now knew who I am, and what I am. I don't have to explain to you why I don't want to be caught by this creature, but I will regardless, I cannot die, and I have a regeneration ability, meaning I would be a limitless supply of food for this creature and its young, unless I resign my body and pass on from this world, which I simply wont do, not while I have unfinished business in this world, I decide to run back to my room, hearing the creatures footsteps not far behind, I enter and slam the door, grabbing my UV flashlight and placing a vase over it showering the room with the violet light. This is where I still am right now, typing this out on my laptop, I still hear its shrill laughter from outside, hearing it skitter across the pavement, and what's worse is I think it has given birth.
I hear crying, akin to human babies coming from the main building, I'm preparing to make my last stand as I do not have any cell reception, and cant call in for backup, I can see the flashlight is running out of power as I type this, I doubt it will last until morning, so whatever I'm going to do, I'll have to do it right now. I cant replace the flashlight with the one from my gun, as ill need it to be able to kill this creature, so I'm simply going to gather my equipment, try to come up with a plan, and make my stand. If I survive, you'll be seeing a lot more of me on this subreddit, including a follow up story, but if I don't, it has been an honour. I hope you've enjoyed what I have written thus far, and I hope you heed my words. Cryptids exist, and you are not safe. Until next time - Theodore Colson
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2022.01.25 13:07 Jelly_Melodic I saw this on the tips of some of my plants it’s not really progressing or anything so i think i might have fixed the issue but can someone tell exactly what it is?

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2022.01.25 13:07 Orefeus There is little doubt BF2042 will be F2P

They made this game to sell microtransactions
Without people playing their MTX game they won't be able to maximize profits. I fully expect before the end of February BF2042 will be Free2Play
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2022.01.25 13:07 ForeverSeahawks They were charged more than $1,000 for an ER visit, even though they never saw a doctor

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2022.01.25 13:07 TwistedBeard777 Ask a socially awkward high schooler who wants to become more outgoing, what are some unwritten rules of society?

I live in the US
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2022.01.25 13:07 Future_Office_9995 Beginner advice?

So first time poster here (21m)… just tried doing it for the first time and honestly the experience was pretty underwhelming. I found that penetrating her with rubber on made it really insensitive and I couldn’t feel much tbh, yet when she blows or plays with my d!ck I’m very sensitive to each action. Is this something that’s normal? Also, we tried multiple positions but we kinda had problems too for instance, missionary was very shallow penetration which eventually slipped out, doggy was basically impossible as somehow the angle didn’t permit me to slide it in and eventually we just settled on cowgirl but even then she tired out fast…. Any advice?
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2022.01.25 13:07 tooncow 5.5.0 | Mid Chapter Update

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2022.01.25 13:07 InvestcoreMedia $SWRM Cloud Data Platform for Security

Tulsa, OK, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications, announces the development of cloud data security solutions under TulsaLabs.
TulsaLabs is developing a cloud data platform that among other things will assist clients in protecting enterprise data across multiple environments, meet privacy regulations, and simplify operational complexity.
Data Threat Management
Data Threat Management is a process used by cybersecurity professionals to prevent cyber attacks, detect cyber threats, and respond to security incidents.
Enhanced with automation, and informed by AI, a cyber threat management system will help clients counter some of today’s advanced attacks by cybercriminals, or rogue state actors.
By unifying security data, security teams will be able to navigate and identifying data vulnerabilities across networks on thousands of endpoints, and between clouds.
Incident Response Solutions
Nearly three-quarters of organizations don’t have a consistent, enterprise-wide cybersecurity incident response (IR) plan. Without strong, trusted intelligence, clients are not always able to decipher the insights they need to act swiftly against threats.
IBM Security® QRadar® XDR Connect is the industry’s first comprehensive extended detection and response (XDR) solution built with open standards and automation that unifies endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), and security information and event management (SIEM) in one workflow.
This platform allows a client to save valuable time by connecting insights and leveraging AI to automate tasks and respond quickly.
IBM Cloud Pak® for Security can help clients gain deeper insights, mitigate risks, and accelerate response. With an open security platform that can advance a zero-trust strategy, you can use your existing assets while leaving your data where it is — helping your team become more efficient and collaborative.
Leveraging Quantum Computing for Security
Cybersecurity researchers are concerned that some advanced algorithms could easily break through most modern cryptography.
How big of a threat is it? The security algorithms we use today that would take roughly 10 billion years to decrypt could take as little as 10 seconds with a quantum computer using Shor’s algorithm, which has exponential speed over classical algorithms.
To prepare for what comes next, government policymakers and industry leaders need to look to mitigate against these risks by future-proofing their systems in the present.
TulsaLabs will explore practical cryptographic solutions that are resistant to the threats posed by quantum computers. These include lattice-based cryptography, hash trees, multivariate equations, and super-singular isogeny elliptic curves.
The key advantage of such quantum-safe schemes is the absence of exploitable structure in the mathematical problem an attacker needs to solve in order to break the encryption.
Tom Bustamante, the Founder and CEO of AI Venturetech and head strategic advisor to TulsaLabs commented, "With current international events unfolding now more than ever enterprises need to review the data security policies to offset threats such as cyber or ransomware attacks. TulsaLabs anticipates deployment of a private encrypted telecommunication and cloud platform geared specifically for the aerospace and space technology research sometime in Q1 2022.
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Should trade 3 unusuals (brain bucket-tf logo, voodoo juju stlght return- miami nights and stout shako- stormy night) and some stranges for tavish crown miami nighrs
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