Beautiful sunset! (Fl keys)

2022.01.25 13:15 Onthespectrum631 Beautiful sunset! (Fl keys)

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2022.01.25 13:15 lunar_sideboob Resources for knowing when movies are streaming for free?

Is there any good centralized resources/outlets for seeing where movies are available to stream for free? I hate that when I look it up it’ll say “streaming on amazon prime” but it’s $20 to rent it. I’m looking for a database of when new movies will be available for streaming on various services WITHOUT extra rental fees!
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2022.01.25 13:15 luigisp Platinum V Rank: Dark Magician Deck

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2022.01.25 13:15 sloth-the-slowest I’m trying to find a crypto exchange in india which lets me deposit ADA. I checked CoinDCX , wazirx and CoinSwitch and they don’t gimme an option to receive ADA

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2022.01.25 13:15 watersourcejkr V 1.7.5 for switch?

Hi guys does anyone know when will be having repentance version 1.7.5 on nintendo switch?
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2022.01.25 13:15 Twt_4 The Dokis Against the Zombies! Chapter 1 (NSFW)

Thanks to u/FakeProtagonist for helping me with the spelling errors I had in the fanfic. You're cool. Warning: This Fanfic, as the title says, is NSFW, because it contains some explicit moments (Bloody) and in general it is not a Fanfic for sensitive people.
This Fanfic could be classified as a mixture of Comedy (sometimes quite dark), action, violence and a bit of suspense or something like that. It also has Sayonika, in case you don't like the ship, but it doesn't really have much of a plot importance, so you could say it's tolerable.
There will be a lot of blood and violence throughout the chapters, so if you are a sensitive person (or who hates Sayonika from the depths of his soul), I recommend you not to read the fanfic.
Having said all that, and hoping that the Mods don't take my post down because the violence, let's start with this new series.
there's algo guns, btw.
Charpet 1: The Start of the Chaos \It was a nice meeting in the Literature Club. Yuri was reading alone, Natsuki was reading manga with MC, and Sayori was talking with Monika. Everything was calm, until the chaos came…**
\It was FeMC, she enters the club kicking the door**
Monika: FeMC! What did I tell you about Kicking the door?!
FeMC: Yeah yeah sorry, but y’all need to see this.
\FeMC pulls out a jar with some green pills inside**
Natsuki: You just brought drugs to the club?
Sayori: I wanna take one!
Monika: No you don’t! Don’t drug my Sayori!
FeMC: It’s not a Drug, dumbass.
MC: Then what is it?
FeMC: It's the cure for cancer!
Monika: W h a -
Yuri: Where did you get it?
FeMC: I bought it in amazon for $5
Yuri: …
MC: Yeah I don’t trust you, like, at all.
FeMC: Well, Imma do a test then.
Natsuki: What, you have cancer?
FeMC: I think I don’t, but my belly hurts so I must have stomach cancer.
Natsuki: Yeah you’re an idiot.
FeMC: Alright here I come!
\FeMC takes a pill out of the jar and consumes it**
FeMC: It tastes like coconut… And metal!
Monika: How do you feel?
FeMC: I feel good!
\FeMC proceeds to slump to the floor**
MC: Bruh.
Natsuki: Oh dear, Is she dead?
\Blood begins to flow out of FeMC's body**
Natsuki: It seems so.
Monika: Oh god! FeMC! Shit, we have to take her to a hospital!
Yuri: (Monika seems to be the only one who is actually worrying about FeMC… Besides me)
Sayori: Uhhh… Moni? FeMC’s turning green.
\FeMC's skin turned to a dull green color, and some parts of her body started melting**
Natsuki: \Holding back her urge to vomit** Man, that looks gross…
\FeMC's corpse opens her eyes**
Monika: OH CRAP!
Sayori: FeMC’s a Zombie!
\FeMZ stands up. She looks at everyone with her red lifeless eyes, and rotten yellow teeth, dripping blood from her mouth**
FeMZ: Woah! I look sick!
Natsuki: What the hell? You can talk?
FeMZ: I guess so. I am a smart zombie.
MC: … Smart?
Monika: So… You’re not going to kill us, right?
\FeMZ's left hand drops to the ground**
FeMZ: Oh, actually, I’m very hungry.
Monika: Uhhh…
FeMZ: Also I think I have powers.
Yuri: You have what?
\FeMZ's hand regenerates**
FeMZ: YO! Regeneration! That’s sick!
Anyways, I think I’m going to eat you guys. I’m hungry.
Sayori: Ahaha… Nice joke, FeMC…
FeMZ: Hey MC, wanna be a Zombie?
MC: N-not really…
FeMZ: Oh well, I don’t really care.
\FeMZ jumps on top of MC and attacks him. She starts biting his head to get to the brain, scraping his arms with his fingernails in the process**
\The four girls run from the club and out of the school before FeMZ catches up with them**
MZ: Woah, I feel nice.
FeMZ: I know right? I just noticed I have super speed. Do you have a power?
\MZ lifts Monika's desk effortlessly with two fingers and throws it across the club**
MZ: I have super strength, nice! I also think I have super hearing and smell.
FeMZ: Nice. Wanna kill everyone in the school?
MZ: Hell yeah.
\Meanwhile, on the street**
Sayori: I’m scared…
Yuri: Why does FeMC always ruin things…?
Monika: Okay, let’s calm down and think. What can we do?
Yuri: What If we call the police?
Monika: They’re not going to believe us…
Natsuki: It’s the best we can do.
Sayori: Then we tell the police that there’s zombies in the school.
Yuri: Something like that.
Monika: Okay, I’ll try.
But just in case, if something happens, we have to gather at one of our houses.
Sayori: We can meet at my house! I have plenty of supplies.
Natsuki: Still, I don’t think anything bad will happen.
\A week later**
\The four girls and Momyori were watching the TV**
TV: A week has passed since the start of the Zombie invasion. 70% of the city is infected, and the zombies started attacking other cities.
According to reports, most zombies are normal, but very few gain special abilities, retain their memory, or both.
Apparently, "Special Zombies" can only be caused by infection from another special zombie, with a 40% chance.
You're on the generic news, and a zombie with wings is attacking me. Have a nice day.
\The reporter fucking dies**
Natsuki: Well, shit.
Momyori: I can't believe FeMC caused the zombie apocalypse. I mean, she was always stupid but this... I don't want to imagine what MoMC is thinking about this, surely the news has already spread around the world.
Yuri: The worst part is, We're running low on supplies.
Natsuki: Wonder why…
Sayori: Hey! I didn’t eat THAT much.
Natsuki: You ate a fucking whole cake.
Sayori: … It was tasty…
Monika: Well, There’s only one option.
Miss, We still have the weapons in the closet, right?
Momyori: Uh, yeah, Why do you ask?
Monika: Alright, I'll grab some and go get some supplies.
Sayori: What? Monika, no! That's suicide! Do you at least know how to use a weapon?
Monika: Oh trust me, I’m a DOOM player. I’m not in danger, THEY are in danger.
Natsuki: Never expected to hear that from Monika.
Momyori: I’m really proud.
Sayori: Still, What if you get hurt? Or killed? Or even worse, infected?
Natsuki: To be honest, it would suck to have someone who can manipulate the entire reality against us.
Yuri: We've already been through that, it's not nice.
By the way, why don't you use your console powers against the zombies?
Monika: Plot Reasons.
Anyways, I‘ll go, and that’s it.
Sayori: Well, Then I will accompany you! I'm not going to let you go alone.
Natsuki: Count with me too.
Yuri: And with me.
Monika: Well, It seems like the club is still together! Get some weapons, It’s time to kill some Zombies!
\Monika to the closet. She grabs 2 shotguns, a rifle, an axe and some brass knuckles**
Yuri: Finally, I've been waiting for this moment my entire life. All those Zombie movies… They got me ready for this.
\Yuri pulls out her entire Knife Collection**
Natsuki: … You had that with you all this time?
Yuri: Oh Absolutely~
Natsuki: Eh, whatever.
\Natsuki pulls out a manga volume, a god cross, and a* FUCKING MINIGUN\*
Natsuki: I don't really know, But I fucking love it.
Yuri: Isn't it heavy?
Natsuki: Yeah, Heavy uses the Minigun in Team Fortress 2
Yuri: No no, I mean, It's a Big weapon, and therefore, heavy.
Natsuki: Nah, it's fine.
Yuri: And why the manga and cross?
Natsuki: Because I have the power of god and anime on my side!
Yuri: … I better stop talking to you.
Sayori: Pistols? Ak-47s? snipers? A rocket launcher?! MOM, WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL THIS?!
Momyori: In the past, sweetie, I used to make some epic Rocket jumps! Also, you never know when there might be an apocalypse.
Sayori: So... Can I have the Rocket launcher?
Momyori: Ha! No. I don't want you to accidentally explode into a million pieces.
Sayori: Then I'll take this bat with spikes, grenades and smoke bombs. Oh! And a gun.
Momyori: It is… Acceptable.
\The four girls are ready to kill some zombies**
Sayori: We're leaving, mom!
Momyori: Wait! Monika, come here a second
Monika: Oh, sure.
\Monika walks towards Momyori**
Momyori: \whispering** I have no problem with this plan, but please do your best to bring Sayori back, okay?
Monika: \whispering** I’ll do my best to protect her.
Momyori: \whispering** Thanks.
Good luck, girls!
\And so, The Zombie Slayer, Monika, The knife expert, Yuri, The girl with the power of God, Anime and a Minigun on her side, Natsuki, and the little cinnamon bun, Sayori, venture on an odyssey through the apocalyptic city. Can they get what they are looking for? Or maybe something else… We just know, it won't be an easy trip…**
\But full of stupid jokes, of course. This is a Twt Fanfic,* what are you waiting for?\*
To be continued... submitted by Twt_4 to DDLC [link] [comments]


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Join the Discord to be eligible:
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2022.01.25 13:15 Literal-Figurative Quantum Annealing opens a new door to Simulation Hypothesis

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2022.01.25 13:15 LionheartedKnight Tiny shadow

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2022.01.25 13:15 plantgrem This just came in the mail, my partner is cringing but I get free socks sooo

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2022.01.25 13:15 SkyHighEthan Most likely for smash?

Let's say we get a bravely rep next game. Who do you think is the most likely?
View Poll
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2022.01.25 13:15 Zekaimi Amerikan 80’ler 90’lar pop önerebilecek var mı?

şunlar gibi şarkılar;
Hard to say I’ m sorry - Chigago
Alone again - Gilbert O’Sullivan
Lemon tree - Fools Garden
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2022.01.25 13:15 Lewdomasteroflewds [M/FB/Futa4AplayingF] Love in Remnant: A RWBY RP!

Now RWBY is a bit of a touchy subject. Some believe it is a modern classic, others believe it to be one of the worst failures of all times, but I think something that everybody can agree on is that the sheer untapped potential for story telling in this universe is vast and truely amazing and I am in the mood to explore this untapped potential. Just in a much more romance and lewd level then the show would probably take it.
I would like to play out a long term romance based roleplay set in the RWBY-verse, while there will still be smut. I would like the focus to be on romance, with maybe some drama and action on the side if you are up for it. More of plot with porn rather then porn with plot if you catch my drift~?
For plot and characters I am mainly looking to try out a cannon character x original character story, with me playing as a original character. But I am fine with doing a original character x original character or even a cannon x cannon story if you think it could be a good enough story. Speaking of, the plot would of course depend on us and what type of characters we are playing as, but I am sure that we could come up with something fun together! Maybe we try something out in a AU? Or plot out some forbidden love with Weiss and a faunus? The sky is the limit!
If this catches your eye please feel free to DM or chat me and we can discuss more things in depth!
My kinks: Romance, gentle Fdom, 'thicc' body types, femboy on female, futa on female, high heels, titjobs, public play, hold the moan, thigh jobs, assjobs, cumplay, blowjobs, facials, cuddling, lipstick, anal, and plently more.
My hard limits: Scat, sounding, NTR, CBT, and gore (in a sexual sense.)
Thank you for reading all of this, I hope to hear from you all soon and that you all have a wonderful week!
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2022.01.25 13:15 hhbotwia CD 34 | easy@home | half incredulous

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2022.01.25 13:15 leskiiksel How to calculate percentiles with regards to salary?

I am trying to make a good case to my boss. Ive looked online and foundd that averge salary for my position is roughly 100k (range of 80-100k)
I make 85 right now but want to be closer to average. How can I put my salary in some kind of a percentile group to show how much below average i am?
Somethjng along the salary is in the bottom 25 percentile?
Also how to calculate how much below average is my salary?
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2022.01.25 13:15 iF_Tech_Support First coffee cake, came out looking and tasting questionable

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2022.01.25 13:15 AskingNeedlessly How good is the New Giza University? How good is the education, and what kind of certificates that they give?

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2022.01.25 13:15 helpwithupgradeplox Still the best Ad ever.

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2022.01.25 13:15 belesch10 Im screwed

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2022.01.25 13:15 htxswang [H] [Lifetime] HBOMax, DisneyPlus, Grammarly, Hulu, Netflix, TradingView Premium, NBA League Pass, Malawartbyte, UFC Pass All Premium +More! [W] PayPal/Stripe/crypto

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2022.01.25 13:15 Globetrotter-Gary The Chai Shop SCAM | Karachi, Pakistan🇵🇰

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2022.01.25 13:15 diorryWasTaken yea my corruption is big

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2022.01.25 13:15 Thebiggest0912 Streamer Networking Discord

Hi everyone! Our Streamer Network Discord just went live as of an hour ago. It’s called The Hive and it’s for steamers who want a place to connect and find other streamers or players who want to play together and record some content together! We have channels you can promote yourself in and ones that can send a notification that you are live to the people who join the server as watchers. We have a place you can put some clips in so you can have others help critique your videos. We are more than open to suggestions since this is a community effort and I want this server to be best for all. If you are interested in joining just message me or comment below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!
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2022.01.25 13:15 mnix58 skins walked so euphoria could run.

I’m a new viewer, was in love with Skins years ago and am really enjoying Euphoria. Is anyone else thinking of Effie and Tony whe watching Rue and Nate?
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2022.01.25 13:15 wilsonsbrother Camera App for Auto Exposure Bracketing that can lock ISO?

I've seen plenty of apps with AEB but they all vary the ISO as well as the shutter speed to get the bracket. I'd like to lock the ISO in place and have it just change the shutter speed to take the bracket. Is there an app that does this? Thanks
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