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I am tired of RW posts and trends suggested to me

2022.01.25 13:11 sudarshanblah I am tired of RW posts and trends suggested to me

I keep getting suggestions of following Men's Right pages, Jordan Peterson videos (vomit), a black Republican who just makes faces on videos, some idiot hindu rw channels on YouTube reels Just endless rw bombardment My inclinations are left wing, not even centrist. Just getting tired of even getting suggestions and realise how watching these out of context bs and Sigma grindset shit. Apart from creating an entirely new id what's the option?
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2022.01.25 13:11 ChromeSphexYT Fortnite will make you HATE your friends

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2022.01.25 13:11 Affectionate_Path653 Looking for a manager, with experienced. Can start anytime and ready for interview.

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2022.01.25 13:11 naseemthedays What is a good 24/7 internet service provider (for baabda Louaize area)?

Does this happen with everyone? We get internet from a private seller and every night from 2:00 AM till 4:00 AM bye2te3a. What's the best company that DOESN'T do this?
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2022.01.25 13:11 Who_was_the_joe He might be talking to a wall

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2022.01.25 13:11 iKareful Finally managed to get fast spider 25team, and to think all I needed was 2 items..

Was doing spider 21 with Sicia, 2CH, renegade and shirimani, but was failing 1 out of 10 runs, little did I know all I needed was 2 items on my vault guardian to accomplish this, and it runs 100%!!!
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2022.01.25 13:11 Ok_Concept_7571 weird

So i have this friend of mine that ive been friends for 2 years. We got kinda close lately. But heres the thing, recently i realise when i try to tap her private story on instagram, it says “This post is not available” but after that it keep on showing the red circle no matter how many times i clicked away.(which i suspected she block me from seeing her story only).However, we still talk normally on other platform and there is hardly any sign of her showing disinterest in our fs. So any albert einstein or sherlock homes would like to figure this problem out?
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2022.01.25 13:11 kevi-kun My Own Challenge: MonoType PvP Challenge

Hi everyone. Excuse me for my poor english.
A few weeks ago, I started a stupid casual Challenge in Pokemon GO. The MonoType PvP Challenge.
The challenge consists to win a set if Battles in GBL with a monotype team in Great League. I should win with every type in Pokemon. I tought that it could be so hard, and started the challenge with 16 Lifes. If I lost a Set, I should remove 1 life.
To be more interesting, I decided to create other rule: Win a Set 3/5 = Silver Medal, Win a Set 4/5 = Gold Medal, and Win a Set 5/5 = Platinum Medal.
The result was it: https://i.gyazo.com/dc49466a18d6a714e138fb9bf962a393.png
I encorage you to try it, is so fun. Maybe you ruin your Elo, but...nothing matters hahahaa
If you want to check my patetic Battles check this video xD:
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2022.01.25 13:10 theWet_Bandits Why are pronoun declarations always all form of the pronoun? "e.g., her/she/hers?" Does anyone mix them up? Wouldn't just one be appropriate?

I, of course, am for trans rights. I am also for normalizing straight people to add these to their profiles so that trans people don't feel singled out. I just never understood why people include all three.
To me, "Suzy Adams (She)" seems more natural than "Suzy Adams (She/HeHers?)". I sometimes see just two used, but never just one.
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2022.01.25 13:10 scr0llwheel Should I hide dimmers and go all-in on keypads?

I’m renovating our kitchen and bathroom right now and trying to decide if I should go all-in on RA2/RA3 keypads and hide the dimmers. As you know, this is difficult to reverse so I’m looking for your thoughts.
In the kitchen, we’ll have under-cabinet lights, recessed ceiling lights, and pendants over the sink. I really want to avoid a 3-gang switches on the wall. So I’m considering hiding the dimmers in the cabinets and then using 1 keypad.

The bathroom has a similar situation with 3 loads: recessed lights above the shower, pendants above the vanity, and exhaust fan. But it’ll be more difficult to hide the dimmers in the vanity due to the drawers. If I hide the dimmers in the bathroom, they need to be wired to the laundry room which is right next to the bathroom.
I’d appreciate any advice here.
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2022.01.25 13:10 edditbot (+82389) The judge tossing aside a letter from convicted child molester Larry Nassar is a thing of beauty.

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2022.01.25 13:10 IceMan_674 Power Rankings/ Best lineup and Questionable lineup

15. Boston Celtics (Previously 15th), 24-24, +2.0 net rating Weekly slate: Win over Pelicans, Loss to Hornets, Loss to Blazers, Win at Wizards
Promising lineup: Marcus Smart | Jaylen Brown | Jayson Tatum | Al Horford | Robert Williams III | 160 minutes | +17.8 net rating
If you want to have a positive, sunny disposition for the outlook of this Boston Celtics team right now, it’s this lineup. This is supposed to be their main lineup, and it flat-out dominates for Ime Udoka. It’s been really good offensively, but it’s been downright special defensively. This unit gives up fewer than 93 points per 100 possessions. That’s insane. It makes sense because there’s so much defensive talent and ability in this lineup, but that’s still an unreal level of dominance. It feels like the Celtics are always teetering on the edge of both putting it together and falling apart. This lineup keeps them in it.
Questionable lineup: Marcus Smart | Dennis Schröder | Jayson Tatum | Al Horford | Robert Williams III | 103 minutes | -17.0 net rating
The Celtics really struggle when Jaylen Brown is out, and this lineup is a perfect example of just how little depth they have on the wing. Schröder has played off guard enough in his career, and it shouldn’t be this big of a drop-off. If you want to call Smart the two here, that’s fine as well. And yet look at how little they’re able to do with just swapping out Brown for Schröder. It’s a complete flip from the lineup above, and the Celtics just don’t have anybody to replace Brown or Tatum in even a competent manner. Brad Stevens probably should have found someone this offseason outside of Josh Richardson, but this is more of a knock on the end of the Danny Ainge era.
Source: https://theathletic.com/3074326/2022/01/25/nba-power-rankings-bucks-jump-warriors-in-contenders-tier-plus-promising-and-questionable-lineups-for-each-team/
The Celtics have a 35 point net rating swing when swapping Dennis for Brown in the starting lineup. I feel like 15 is the perfect rank for this eternally .500 team. Do you guys feel defeated or that the team still has a big win streak in them to seize a top seed. I both hope and believe it’s coming. But it’s mainly because I want a good enough record to warrant the Jays going to Cleveland.
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2022.01.25 13:10 OmitsWordsByAccident Undercounting uppercuts again, Teddy? For shame.

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2022.01.25 13:10 jhek0 [OC] My lvl 3 Monster hunter really like the results

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2022.01.25 13:10 forsandifs_r Algorand now only matching average market performance over the last year...

Anyone know why that is? Algorand was outperforming the market by a factor of 2, but there's been a crash recently and then a slight rally. Why has Algorand crashed more and rallied less than the average?
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2022.01.25 13:10 benthomas1 Year of the Tiger

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2022.01.25 13:10 Punchmeister Mind boggles at the American work policies. For comparison, here's how PTO accumulates in Finland

After reading the hot post by u/salty-stocks I felt amazed. I knew the PTO stuff was bad in the States, but I didn't know it was that bad. If you're even accumulating it, you get less than a week off for your first year, and only after six years you get two weeks. Also, from what I understand, not every job gives you PTO. Sad, just sad.
In Finland, you're entitled to PTO by law. You accumulate them if you work at least 14 days or 35 hours a month. During your first year, you get 2 days per month, after that it's 2.5 days a month. You accumulate PTO even when you're on PTO, or parental leave, or sick leave. If you're not able to have your PTO or decide to forgo it, you get still get paid for the days accumulated. Also, as of 2019, if you get sick on your PTO, you don't use up your PTO. You also get holiday compensation on top of your normal pay, which you also get, even if you don't fill the PTO accumulation quota for the month.
This is what you are entitled to by law. Several unions have negotiated better policies for their workers.
Please feel free to fill in more information or correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't really worked in a while, so I'm not that familiar with how everything really works.
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2022.01.25 13:10 ItzikMa AVFC are about to make an official bid. The ball is now in #Juventus' court. It depends on the player too.

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2022.01.25 13:10 Worlds_Strongest_Fan Strongman & Powerlifting News | Mateusz Kieliszkowski | Krzysztof Wierzbicki | JF Caron

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2022.01.25 13:10 deniss_1996 11" Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Figure w/ Carrying Satchel & Sounds $16.61 + FS w/ Amazon Prime or FS on $25+

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2022.01.25 13:10 Pitbits 100% my fault......

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2022.01.25 13:10 harryhinderson average election in arizona

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2022.01.25 13:10 KindlyAbrocoma161 Musal man Bhai ke liye Kuran ka Gyan hua aasan

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2022.01.25 13:10 askreddit_GPT2 What's the "best thing you've ever said?"

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2022.01.25 13:10 euro_norm Episode 1 The reddit cuck discovers pol.mp4

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