Our baby Koda and her new best friend

2021.11.29 10:51 ASAPQueef Our baby Koda and her new best friend

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2021.11.29 10:51 samantha194728 What do you think is the best feature if my face? Please just leave a comment and DO NOT dm me.

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2021.11.29 10:51 coffeeaddict001 The Best Cyber Monday Deals on Coffee Makers and Coffee Equipment - gearpatrol.com

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2021.11.29 10:51 acerbjustine Why I can’t join TEC

I had considered joining TEC over the last seven years - I’m a sort-of lapsed Roman Catholic with strongly pro-Anglican sentiments. I’ve never felt more at home than in the Anglican churches I’ve visited in Scotland and England. I was at St Pauls Cathedral in London for the noon Eucharist a few years ago and the next day went to liturgy at Westminster Abbey. It was heaven. I’ve been to many USA TEC parishes. I’ve sensed some of that same feeling/sense of awe. I took instructional classes at a TEC parish intending to join. I thought I could overlook the whole gay marriage issue. But in one class the priest tried to defend it through arguments that appealed to modern sentiments rather than scripture or Tradition. I raised my hand and quoted several Church fathers and scripture about marriage between a man and a woman. I have a solid grounding in Christian theology and history. Very uncomfortable silence. It dawned on me that TEC has assumed a position and has cherry-picked bible verses out of context to support their position. The term “biblical relativism” kept echoing in my mind. I left the class and never went back. I tried a few more parishes and found much the same thing. Nice people who are seriously misinformed about scripture or Tradition. I took classes to join a local ACNA parish. Super nice people, a bit too evangelical - guitars and stuff - in their worship style. I’m more of a liturgical worship person with strong elements of mysticism and evangelical views - sort of an NT Wright kind of person. So I’m left with being a spiritual orphan. No home, no community, no church home. It’s a terrible place to be.
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2021.11.29 10:51 JayIELTS What is IELTS Online?

What is IELTS Online? IELTS Online is a secure, remotely delivered IELTS Academic test that can be taken anywhere with a private space, a computer and a stable internet connection. The test has the same content and format as in-centre IELTS and will cover all four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It can be used in the same way as the in-centre IELTS Academic test, excluding for migration and some professional registration purposes at this time.
Why has IELTS Online been introduced? IELTS Online gives test takers more flexibility and choice, by allowing them to choose to take the test in the environment that suits them best. IELTS Online also increases the accessibility of IELTS for those living in remote locations or who have difficulty travelling to a test centre.
Is IELTS Online as valid and reliable as in-centre IELTS? IELTS Online will be an accurate reflection of a test taker’s English language ability. There is no difference in the validity of an IELTS result regardless of the method in which it is delivered. All IELTS tests are conducted with industry leading quality assurance, subject to the same rigour of development, marking, and security measures ensuring that all recognising organisations can trust the validity of the results.
Will the Speaking test still be face-to-face? Yes. As with in-centre testing, the Speaking test is conducted in real-time with a trained IELTS Examiner. The Speaking platform is purpose-designed and owned by IELTS, so we can ensure it meets the highest standards for high stakes English Language testing. In the IELTS Online test, the Speaking section happens via a secure video call. The format and questions are the same as in-centre IELTS, providing you with reassurance of the test taker’s proficiency in English.
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2021.11.29 10:51 headleyc Modern Animals, by CW Headley

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2021.11.29 10:51 NewsElfForEnterprise How and When to Watch 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Season 15

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2021.11.29 10:51 Matthewdlr4 Has anyone used the Tensorflow Lite Model Maker to make an object detection model for a Raspberry Pi? I am trying to make a model and in DESPERATE need of some help.

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2021.11.29 10:51 CatEyes420 How quickly the post gets banned, no sense of community Reddit, your breaking your own rules..

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2021.11.29 10:51 Jkopoulos9 I did 43-100% on thanatophobia

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2021.11.29 10:51 Admirable_Big_6858 HELP

TLDR: I’m really getting to the point where this shit doesn’t feel worth it and I hate that. Why do I feel like i’m fighting to save my marriage alone? Why do i even feel like i have to save my fucking marriage? From what? My husband is so adamant on things being the same way forever and i dont understand it.
These past few days have been really fucking rough for me. I feel like i’m the only person in this relationship that cares. Or at least the only one who cares to fix things because unlike what he always gathers from any type of criticism at all I’m not saying he doesnt do anything for me at all im not saying i dont appreciate the things he does the efforts that he does make the love that i do feel from him. Its just not realistic to derive that from simple questions in a simple conversation. I’m tired of trying to understand somebody who doesnt do that for me. I’m tired of being habitually available to somebody who doesnt want me expect anything from him or who thinks its childish to count on his word. He literally told me he would stop asking me do anything for him if that meant i would stop. He said i can say no to anything i want and i can shut down any conversation i dont want to have so that i’ll stop addressing him about doing that. Even when thats not what i want and its not how i operate. Its not even healthy thats not how you fix things. But his response is talking about things doesnt always fix it but not talking about things can ruin it so whether or not it gets solved immediately from the conversation we could use that to at least understand where the other is coming from. Opposites attract and can work and survive in healthy relationships if you try to. But if you just shut shit down and act as though you can ignore the problems at hand or since they dont directly affect you all the time they dont need to get discussed. Everything i do is childish to you. I’m so stressful. You wanna come home after 8-10 hours of work 5 days a week sometimes 7 days a week and play the game for hours, workout for hours, sleep for hours. You want me to cook clean wash your clothes, pick up after you and suck your dick, help you take out the trash, help you wake up for work, spend the little bit of money that i have buying things we need around the house. You can reem me for letting dishes pile up or not folding laundry right away but you’re not willing to do those things. I’m doing everything outside of driving myself around. Before i didn’t even have a job so i felt like i couldnt fight on any of it. I just took it all with no acknowledgement no appreciation because that was my job my roll. Any unemployment i was getting was going majorily to him because he doesn’t pay enough attention to his finances so i have to bail him out. And i do it. I’d do anything for him so its a smack in the face to not get that back. For the response for that to be i wont ask you for anything else. Lets just not ask each other anything. Which is bullshit to start but that’s childish and petty. Because you dont wanna have to be accountable for anything because you dont wanna have to tend to another person? Because youre depressed? I’m fucking depressed, and anxious. I’m dealing with my epilepsy and childhood trauma. Fucking enmeshment with my mom. My brother has shit hes going through and here i am thinking i can escape my drama in you and there’s just new drama. I ask him where do i fit in because ive been falling asleep on the couch just to feel nearer to him. He says im being dramatic but when i ask him where do i fit into his day to day life he says “when i wake up and dont have anything to do thats where you fit in” yet damn near everyday like clockwork he’ll come downstairs after sleeping in on his day off (usually around 1-3, but sometimes especially recently until 9pm even. He basically slept the past two days away) and check his playstation to see whos online. That’s what he means by something to do. That and work. He’ll wake up in the morning and go to work and come back and get on the game or go in our gym and workout or just flat out go to sleep. I’ll ask if hes hungry he says yes or no and while he does whatever it is he wants to do i’ll clean the kitchen and cook for us. Maybe he’s just too lazy to get out of bed and wants me to bring it to him in bed and sometimes i will but im not a damn maid or a slave your damn bed wench it’s like the only time he has time for me is then and sometimes he’ll eat while he plays the game. There are rare times where he has a show he’s into and i can get him to watch that with me or we’ll eat and watch it. But even rarer are the times where its more than one or two episodes. And he’ll go back and play the game again and i dont hate the game like he likes to say. I play video games too. Sometimes we’ll sit in the same space and play together or actually play the same game but most of the time he wants nothing to do w me it seems. He used to brag about how well he could multitask. Before we got married he’d wanna facetime every night and post the phone up while he was on the game. Or i’d join a party chat with him and his friends while he played his game and i played mine or we all played together. But he grew out of that game and didn’t wanna play anymore and the games he sticks to i’m not into so that failed. And even then he’d say just because he wants to play the game doesnt mean he wants to play with me. I’m so tired of wanting more from him. When he feels like he needs so much less of me. Leave me alone. I dont wanna talk. Dude. the only person ive seen basically all week was myself and as an extrovert i’m suffering but he doesnt care because he’s so self absorbed. He cant even for a moment care about how i feel forreal. Because of how he chooses to communicate or the lackthereof for that matter. He doesn’t wanna hear me complain about anything. He gets upset if i get into it with somebody. He doesnt want me to address him about anything that upsets me because thats not how he does things. And now he’s saying he’s considering going to therapy and i invited him in on one of my sessions and he fucking bailed on it. But just like any other time i can be as upset as i want as long as it doesnt effect him. Or else he’ll punish me the best way he knows how and manipulate the car. The other day he wanted me to make him catfish and we were missing some ingredients so i asked him to take me to the store to get it so i could make it for him and at this point i’m 9$ broke trying to make something happen for us until he gets paid. He picks a fight with me in the store about the way im trying to budget and looking in aisles at things we cant afford or didnt come there for and when i couldnt find the last thing i needed i asked him to take me to the other side of the plaza to try another store really quick said he didnt even have to get out of the car he said no. because he could. Because he was angry. We could do it tomorrow and i was trippin. We didn’t do it tomorrow because he slept the whole day. Theres no public transport in my town. Nothing is walking distance. I cant get a license. He knows all of these things and i dont ask him to take me places often. I dont ask for much of anything because i dont wanna be a burden and i dont wanna hear him say no because it seems to always be the case. Hes just impossible sometimes and i hate that i love him so much and that the good days make me forget all of that but they do. He’s great, he’s funny, he’s kind, he’s compassionate and caring on his own fucking time. He doesnt wanna be asked for anything but money and i dont wanna ask for that. Its not about that for me. But thats the way he loves. He’s a gift giver with financial issues and now i’m facing the consequences of how shitty he feels for not being able to do what he wants to do. We dont go on dates. The only time we get outside is to doordash, grocery shop or if i ride out with him on anything he wants to do. He’ll drop a random 60$ on VC. or a random 200$ every month because he keeps blowing the speakers in his car. Random 50$ on controllers and headphones because he breaks them. Any game that comes out he wants. And i get that. I buy all the DLC for my favorite game the second it comes out but i dont make us broke for it. When my bills are due on my end i pay them. But why is it every time i turn around he’s missing 100 something odd dollars when the bills are due? And i gotta find a way to help. When i’ve been out from work sick for the 3rd week. When i see money i cant even get excited because i have to worry will he need it. Will he need a haircut for work because he’s in the military. Will he need gas in his car so we can doordash and find some money. We havent gone grocery shopping in months. I got us in on a food bank because our house was suffering but it’s ending after december so now i have to figure something out because he wont. I’m trying so hard to keep us afloat and i feel like he’s just coasting through life and maybe that’s my fault. Maybe i did this to myself. I created an environment where he does and gets whatever he wants and i’m left wanting and wondering and sad because i dont get enough. And to even ever ask catches him off guard and who am i but to blame for never speaking up. And then he’s so backwards and confusing. His least favorite thing about me and his favorite thing are the exact same thing so i literally live on eggshells and im tired. My therapist is not available enough for this shit. I’m borderline over it. I just feel like i have so much to say and no room no welcome for it. He just wants me to shut up and go along for the ride. When we first started dating he told me to come live with him. I didnt have to pay for anything just clean and cook because he didnt know how to do that. It sounded good to me. Until he said because he had a job he felt like he didnt have to do anything. Then i got a job and he still felt the same way. We’ve been living here since july and theres still boxes from when we moved in that i’ve been asking him to move. In the beginning it was “im gonna do it stop asking me” and its still not done. Its the same with everything. I’m not as crazy as he tries to make me feel. I want him to get the help he needs just like i am so we can be okay. I want him to actively communicate his emotions just like i am so we can understand each other. I just want us to work and grow and its like he’s so okay with where he is because he knows that in the end i’ll just shut the fuck up and give him two months to himself. But what about the fact that in reaching rock bottom in those two months. Then when im there he’ll say you have to tell me its getting like this i didnt know. You didnt try to know. We had 3 good days. He took me where i needed to go with no flack. He asked me about my day and told me about his. We binged a show together and the sex was great. We were close. We talked and joked and i foot the bill everywhere we went because i had it and he didnt and i didnt mind. I bought cleaning supplies and food and tools for the house. If he wanted to order out i made it happen. He can ask me for anything and when im taken care of and my needs are met you get what you want. The house will stay clean because im in a good mood. I’ll have my fill of you so ill go hang out with my friends. I’ll be fullfilled so youll be fullfilled. Whats so hard about grasping that. What’s so hard about not taking offense to my efforts?
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2021.11.29 10:51 AtLeast12RedRoses How good/bad is Stalker?

I’m interested in Stalker and wanna get into it but I’ve heard kinda conflicting things about the games. The biggest problem I have is the mods and tweaks. From what I’ve heard any of the games completely vanilla sit between just being not fun to downright painful to play. Are mods and tweaks really that necessary or are people just complaining about nothing?
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2021.11.29 10:51 fabijolo What would be the best HP gift for around 20€/$?

Hello everyone,
So I'm currently looking for a small Christmas Present that's around 20€/$, but the only thing I know about the person, is that she is a huge Harry Potter fan, so o decided that this place would definitely be my best option to get the perfect gift :)
What present/presents would you guys recommend (or be yourself teh happiest about?) (Preferably I'm looking for something that is easy to get in the EU (Germany), but every idea is more that welcome)
Thank you to every single one of you in advance, I'd really appreciate the help a lot!
Cheers Fabio :)
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2021.11.29 10:51 Born_Narwhal_7026 How to multi class (this is my first real campaign)

I am a level 4 rogue (started campaign at 3) and one of the members in the campaign is multi classing, I think it would be really fun next time I level up to start an artificer route but I have no idea how to start or begin to look on what to do, we use dnd beyond for character sheets so I’m not sure what to do there either
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2021.11.29 10:51 eliodagr8 Do you guys think this car/driver set up is good enough for series 6? I've been there for a minute but I've been grinding series 5 to level things up. I've been using L7 Schmi and Lat as my drivers. Also any advice on what to spend my money on ?thanks!

Do you guys think this cadriver set up is good enough for series 6? I've been there for a minute but I've been grinding series 5 to level things up. I've been using L7 Schmi and Lat as my drivers. Also any advice on what to spend my money on ?thanks! submitted by eliodagr8 to F1ManagerMobile [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 10:51 helplessbroccoli52 Every time

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2021.11.29 10:51 pardonpatch Is there a difference between buying Overcooked! 2 on Epic Games and Steam?

Hello! I wanted to ask if there's a difference between buying Overcooked! 2 on Epic Games and Steam aside from the price difference because the base game and its DLCs seem to be cheaper on Epic Games than Steam, so I'm wondering if there's actually other differences between the two in content, gameplay, etc. Thank you!
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2021.11.29 10:51 sebet_123 Well, don't say that i am not warning you.

I am not an English speaker, so my Grammar are pretty shit. I am on mobile too. So that's that.
I have a pretty bad hand writing, every teacher (not my math, physics, and chemistry teacher) always mad at me because they can't read my hand writing. They will always ask me what i am writing if we have homework or exams.
This story are before all of that happens. Basically first day at school.
So, my homeroom teacher, doesn't want to write his students name at his absent book. So, he just ordered us to write them ourselves at his absent book.
Because we are not seated at alphabetical order, the absent book are randomised. So, with the spirit of laziness, he pick one of the student to be his secretary (basically writing stuff). At guess who got it? That's right, it's me.
Teacher: sebet! You will be the secretary from now on.
Me: what?! No! I don't want that. My hand writing are bad! You can't read it!
Teacher: no excuse boy. If you have bad hand writing, this job will make you get better.
Me: no! You really can't read it!
Teacher: nope, here the absent book, write other students name in alphabetical order. And you will be the secretary for this year.
Me: god damnit okay...
Me for the next 30 minutes writing my friends name with extra bad hand writing.
Me: here is your absent book.
Teacher: thanks. Hehe, you can do it if you want right? Haha. I will absent all of you now
Teacher read the absent book
Man those eye and facial expressions after he tried to read first person name are priceless.
Teacher: damn, what are you writing here?
Me: my friend name.
Teacher: bullshit. Are you intentionally writing it this bad?
Me: no, my friend can vouch me, that my hand writing are so bad. (My friend from middle school got the same high school as me)
Teacher: well... ok then. Please, fix your hand writing.
After this he pointed other student to be the new secretary (woman) and her hand writing are beautiful.
Teacher never ask me to write something again, and he scolded me because other teacher complaint about my hand writing when checking my homework and exams.
After 20 years, my hand writings are still bad as ever. Thank god i got degree on computer science, and almost never use pen/pencil again.
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2021.11.29 10:51 Homebrewskies [OC][Art] Bank Teller's Band | Ring [Homebrewskies]

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2021.11.29 10:51 ianemv What will you do?

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2021.11.29 10:51 Physical-Trouble8861 Colorful [1440x3040]

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2021.11.29 10:51 Siegyoza Smoking at different times affects the amount of smoke i exhale?

Whenever I smoke at night times a normal amount comes out when i exhale, whenever its any other time it almosts seems like the smoke choses to absorb into my lungs more or less. its not just cigarettes its bongs and vapes aswell. is it something to do with how long i have been smoking?(5-6 months)
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2021.11.29 10:51 Gd081-sa I creatd this simple and easy html only project (working and hoping 🙂 for contributions)..... please give some incentives...

google recommended https://code.dcoder.tech/feed/project/619904f251b37885c1eebb0f/google-recommended
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2021.11.29 10:51 NMSCMB Could my Mystery snails produce Bladder snails and/or Ramshorn snails? Did I get bamboozled?

I have two snails that I purchased from a small pet store that were marked “mystery snails.” Now, I have babies (two sets) that look like completely different breeds! One is red and looks like Ramshorn snails, the other is brown and looks like Bladder snails! Help!?
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2021.11.29 10:51 CharsiMunda99 Cant wait

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